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Established in 2009 with Jacques MICHEL, Vice-President of the European Patent Office (1987-2003), EUROPATIS brings together a network of recently retired directors and examiners who boast:

  • extensive experience in patent searches

  • in-depth knowledge of IPC/CPC

  • familiarity with the most advanced online search techniques, which have often been developed according to their guidelines

  • perfect command of patent and non-patent databases

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Patent Research Service - Worldwide Coverage

Patent Research Service - Worldwide Coverage



The advantages of using EUROPATIS

  • Quality patent searches based on Europatis network members' proven methodology

  • Access to worldwide patent and non-patent databases

  • Established expertise in the technical field

  • Flexible implementation outside official proceedings

  • Economic model tailored to each need, while remaining fair.

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The services we provide

  • State of the art

  • Pre-filing research

  • Novelty - Patentability

  • Oppositions, appeals, litigations

  • Bibliographic search to determine possible freedom to operate

  • Freedom of geographical use

  • Technological and/or legal watch

  • Data extraction and constitution of documentary corpus

  • Supply of documents on request

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